BlastFM Limited Internet Radio Station Schedule

Our server time is 13:54:12 +00:00 GMT on Tuesday November 29 2022

Show Genre(s) Start Time End Time Days Hours Status
Morning Radio ShowRock, Soul, R&B, Pop, Rock & Roll, Blues, Jazz06:0010:0074Waiting
Day Time Radio ShowSoul, R&B, Pop, Rock & Roll, Dance, Disco10:0022:00712Playing
Night Time Radio ShowDance, Trance, House, Techno, EDM22:0006:0068Waiting
Saturday Night Radio ShowDance, Trance, House, Techno, EDM, Deep House22:0006:0018Waiting

You can listen to our Shoutcast2 stream at
Our Icecast2 stream is at
You can also listen using our radio station media player with images at
All images for our players are provided by via an API connection

We rely very little on outside services, we provide everything ourselves, name servers, radio stations, websites, databases, images for radio station players,
professional email systems and security systems are all provided directly from BlastFM Limited with no requirement for outside connections

Because we use 320kbps streams and 320kbps files you shouldn't need to use any kind of EQ when listening to our streams, the EQ should be set to flat

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